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Boozhoo LTBB Citizens,

My name is Shanna Wemigwase and I am running for your Tribal Council. The reason I am running for this position is because I love our Tribe and I know together we can succeed in any goal. This election is about all of you and what our tribal citizens want for the future of the Odawa people. If I am elected, I will represent what you as the people want for the future. I will do this by drafting and proposing legislation, making financial appropriations that benefit our Tribe, and extending my hand to the other branches of government to look for ways to work together to move the Tribe forward.

I would like to share with you who I am. I am married to Aaron Wemigwase and we were blessed with four girls; Anamekwan (Anna) Wemigwase age 15, Giiwedanong(Gigi) Wemigwase (deceased), Waaseyaban (Waz)Wemigwase 8, and Waasegeebwan (Gia) Wemigwase 6. We decided to raise our children in Harbor Springs, MI. This decision was made so our children could be raised surrounded by our families and the tribal community.

I was born in Grand Rapids, MI to Cheryl Kishigo. My family has grown since my birth and I now have 4 younger sisters; Justine, Jenna, Kiana, Maangaashkaa and my mother’s husband Matthew Lesky. My grandparents are Mitchell Kishigo Jr (deceased) and Florence Indelicato (Harrington). My great grandparents on my grandfather’s side are Mitchell Kishigo (deceased) and Amelia Kishigo (Samuels) (deceased). My great grand parents on my grandmother’s side are Raymond Harrington (deceased) and Cecelia Harrington (Martell) (deceased). I consider my self very fortunate to not only be raised by my mother, but my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and my community. The values and morals that they instilled in me are the 7 grandfather teachings; Love, Respect, Truth/Honesty, Generosity, Bravery/Courage, Wisdom and Humility. As a mother, I work to instill these same values into my children and use them daily in my decision making as an adult.

I am a strong believer in traditional values. I am first degree Midewiwin, I have completed classes of Anishinaabemowin, and I participate in our seasonal ceremonies as a Tribe. Ghost Supper, Three Kings, and Return Supper are very important to me and my family we always participate in these ceremonies. Our traditions, language, and treaty rights are the pillars that hold our tribe up. I will do my best to support and strengthen these pillars.

I have been involved in Odawa Homecoming Powwow committee for 11 years. I have been honored to serve as the Miss Odawa Coordinator during that time. I also volunteer in my local community at the elementary schools assisting teachers with their lessons, coaching HS peewee basketball team and I also volunteer with HS High School boosters.

I am self-employed as home care provider and personal assistant. I provide end of life services to mainly elders that are walking on. I enjoy my work and feel very accomplished that I can bring comfort to those whose life journey is coming full circle. I was previously employed by the Tribe in the Human Services department. I am very knowledgeable about grant funding and how grant funding is utilized by the Tribe. I received my education from North Central Michigan College and received an Associates in Applied Sciences in Marketing. My education, career and volunteer experience, have provided me a broad background.

We need leaders that will promote a transparent government. We need leaders with integrity, who are willing to be honest about the difficult decisions we will face moving forward. I’m asking for your support and your vote.